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Group Therapy

Changing Point provides Domestic Violence Group Counseling that meets Minnesota State Statute requirements.

Clients start with a scheduled intake conducted one-on-one with the therapist. The group is a minimum of 24 sessions that provide a combination of psychoeducation and process group therapy. Individual meetings with the therapist will be required to help support the group process. Attendance issues or other individual needs may impact programming.


*Program policy regarding attendance and referrals will be adhered to. 

Some education topics include:

  • Introduction to Domestic Violence (DV)

  • Communication Skills 

  • Impact of trauma within family of origin and family of creation 

  • Shame, guilt and how they connect to the use of abusive behavior

  • Self-awareness and self-regulation with stress management 

Enrollment and Group Start:

Group is open with new members joining every 5-7 weeks. Group sessions are 2 hours in length. New members start after registering for and attending their scheduled one on one intake. 

Substance and Mental Health Policy:

Changing Point, LLC. supports individuals in their healing process. Clients may be referred outside of the program to address the needs and supports as it may impact the individual from getting the most out of services. 

For more information on Minnesota State Statute 518B.02 re: domestic abuse counseling, please click here.

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