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Helpful Information and Resources

If you are in danger, are unsafe, or in need of immediate assistance - please call 911.
Clicking on the organization name below will take you directly to the identified organization.



DayOne Crisis Hotline -Domestic violence support: 1.866.223.1111  

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800.799.7233 or 800.787.3224 (TTY)   

Veteran's Crisis Hotline -Support for Veterans in Crisis: 1.800.273.8255    

Casa de Esperanza -Español Domestic Violence: 651.772.1611  

National Deaf Hotline -Crisis support for the hearing impaired: 855.812.1001 (videophone)  

OutFront Minnesota -LGBTQ Domestic Abuse: 800.800.0350 (Option 3)   

Love is Respect -Teen Dating Violence: 866.331.9474 or 866.33.8453 (TTY)

Minnesota Warmline: 877.404.3190 or text "Support" to 85511 

Crisis Text Line: 741741 text "MN"


Widen the Window

Elizabeth Stanley 2019

"Training your brain and body to thrive during stress and recover from trauma."

When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection 

Gabor Mate 2011 

"Promotes learning and healing, providing transformative insights into how disease can be the body's way of saying no to what the mind cannot or will not acknowledge."

Trauma & Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence - From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror

Judith L. Herman 2015

"A revised and updated edition of the groundbreaking work that changed the way we think about and treat traumatic events and trauma victims."

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Bessel A van der Kolk, MD. 2015
"A pioneering researcher transforms our understanding of trauma and offers a bold new paradigm for healing."

Growing Yourself Up

How to Bring Your Best to All of Your Relationships by Jenny Brown PhD. 


Ex-Etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior After a Divorce or Separation

Jann Blackstone-Ford & Sharyl Jupe 2014

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